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My new book!

Soft cover 8x10 landscape

About the book

Two years ago I made a trip to Italy and made a connection with Raphael Sanzio, an artist of the Renaissance.

 It was a spiritual experience for me to see where he walked and to see what he was seeing when he strode these very streets. I followed his trail to take me to works of his not found in books.

On the walls of a villa more than 400 hundred years old, Raphael made me discover that in my heart I am a modern day Idealistic Photographer. With his help I am creating this book and in it you will find original work of Art in today's world.

As you flip through the pages you will wonder where these were shot and how  I brought shadow and light into play at a remote location. I take light and bend into place on my landscapes and use a nude figure as my subject.


A R T  M A R T I N E Z


If you are interested in taking part in my book Volume 2 contact me.